Thursday, January 5, 2012

 The holidays were wonderful with us. The kids got along great. We enjoyed the extra time to spend together as a family. It was a wonderful, Kumbaya-land for us around here. We had a great visit with my long time BFF who was visiting from out of state. The boys watched football, us girls caught up and the kiddos played in the basement when they weren't napping. Even BFF commented that it was one of the most peaceful environment she had been in during her holiday travels.

Tuesday rolled around all too soon, and it was back to normal routines.  The girls were off to school. K had a routine appointment with his doctor for his 5 year old well visit. He did so well! The doctor quizzed him on vision and hearing, writing his name, drawing a triangle, reciting his name and address; all which he passed with flying colors!! He makes me so proud!

He did have to get 2 shots: the flu vaccine and his 2nd dose of Hep. A vaccine. Since last year's well visit, in which he had 4 shots, he has been very nervous about shots. In the past, he had always taken them like a champ, but the nurse at our interim doctor's (where we went a few times after we moved) stuck him 4 times for one shot. HE HAD FOUR SHOTS THAT DAY!!! It was a very traumatic experience for the both of us. Today, whenever we drive by that doctor's office, he calls them the "NEEDLE DOCTOR". 

I promised him that I would never take him back to the needle doctor. Thankfully, the girls had a pediatrician close to home that is wonderful. While their doctor is pretty full, we are able to get in pretty easily with one of the others. She is wonderful!!! K was so strong taking his shots. He didn't even cry!! Again, I am such a proud momma!! 

As we are checking out, I get a call from the kids school. It's k's teacher. She says, "I'm not a doctor, but I am very sure that k has Hand, Foot and Mouth disease." When I dropped her off in the morning, she had some sores around her mouth, but they looked very similar to a round of cold sores she had a few months ago, so I thought nothing of it. I explained to them that I would be there to get her ASAP. 

After taking K to his reward for being a tough guy, pretzels at the mall, I dropped him off and picked up k. We did a quick lunch at Panera where she loves the broccoli soup. She was in such a great mood, all the folks sitting around us commented on how cute she was. Then we swung by to visit Daddy at work and show off the newly formed indicators of her "disease". In the course of 2 hours, he hands had developed several spots. Off to the doctor I returned. 

k, being in the great mood she was in, sang the whole way. She LOVES this new doctor, which is saying a lot because the girls doesn't shine well to new people. After 1 full year at our daycare, she still cries everyday when we drop her off. Same story at church. But our new doctor- Dr. Bar-Lev, who k affectionately calls Dr. Bar-bie (close, but not quite accurate).

After a thorough exam, it was determined it indeed was as daycare suspected. HFM is a virus that needs to run it's course, usually 7-10 days. There is no treatment that can be given, besides Mortin to manage any pain. 

So, here we are.... BANISHED from school until symptoms diminish. I stayed with her on Tuesday, Daddy on Wednesday, and momma again on Thursday. Today we painted with watercolors brought by "Santa", watched Tangled AGAIN!, ate "big-girl Taco Bell" for lunch, and k napped while I caught up on my filing. 

Here are some pictures from our day:

She learned quickly that the secret is lots of water.       

Great works of art require much focus!
So proud of her masterpiece!

Meanwhile, her hands looked like this:

 But her attitude was like this all the while.

Hoping to be un-banished next week. We have back-up care scheduled for tomorrow. With each day of banishment, I worry that returning to school will be more difficult than usual.

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