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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

We are having a minor Santa issue in our house this year. 

It seems that R- 11 years old, has decided that it is her responsibility to inform the other children that there is no Santa. 

It started with r- 8 years old. Who then proceeded to ask over and over for a week, "Is Santa real?" in front of the others- K-4 years old and k-2 years old. 

So when this question was posed to Grandma, who invites Santa to make an appearance at her house on Christmas Eve (he always obliges), it was like the world went into a major meltdown. Forget global warming, Grandma's heat was on!! 

We sat both R and r down individually to broach the issue. 

First r... 
Why do you keep asking if Santa is real?
Because R told me he wasn't...
Well, what do you believe? 
That he is real.
Why would you believe R? 
I don't know?
Listen, R believes her hair looks cute every morning and it looks a mess. She doesn't know the truth about everything. You believe what you want to believe. OK?
OK. (big smile)
Now, go send R up...
R comes upstairs and slumps down in her chair with her typical lazy posture...
Do you want to ruin Christmas for everyone?
Then why do you feel the need to tell r that Santa isn't real? Who told you that was your job? 
Well, I stopped believing when I was like 6 years old, and she is 8!
It doesn't matter, she is not the same as you. Plus, if she turns around and tells that to the little kids, it would ruin their Christmas!! Do you want to ruin Christmas? 
It's not your job to inform the younger ones about the knowledge of the world. That's our job as mom and dad. Let us do our job. If they ask you something, don't answer, tell them to ask us. 

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So, I thought that conversation took care of things. WRONG!!

Then this evening the phone rings and it's Mt. Saint Grandma calling to tell us that K-4 has told her that Santa isn't coming on Christmas Eve; it's really Uncle Bradley! 

Now granted, she handled very well. She did not acknowledge the comment, but continued on her way. But she is fuming about the fact that someone is tainting the festivities for the little kids. Not only that, but she has 3 other grandchildren that she is frantic will learn about this through the grapevine. 

The spark has ignited and she is rushing around like a crazy person to stop the wildfire from burning down her house! 

Last Christmas was an adjustment period. This year it feels more real because we are more closely bonded as a family. It is hard blending everyone together. We don't know what the girls' parents told them about Christmas. We don't really know what their traditions were. We hadn't really established any of our own because our two, K-4 and k-2, were still babies. 

I am hoping that this year will be our speed bump and that the future will run more smoothly. Mt Saint Grandma surely can't erupt every year.


darkarchivist said...

Do you hate me that I'm chuckling?

Seriously I think abou this for my future kids. Do I let them believe in Santa? How do I let them without lying to them? What about situations like this?

Good luck! Sucker. :P

PS-We seriously need some girly time next week. I'm talking pedicures or something.

TB said...

We let them believe what they want to believe. We want to teach them the truth, but there is something exciting about Christmas with Santa. Plus, it's really hard with Grandma toting Santa every Christmas Eve. I think it would hurt her more than the kids if we told them differently.

I think you have to let kids be kids and set realistic expectations around things.

For example, we only do 3 gifts (just like Jesus received):
- 1 gift from Santa
- 1 gift from Mom and Dad
- 1 gift from another family member (we drew names)

It's a hard item. I am doing things very different than what I thought I was going to do before I had kids.

Anonymous said...

Christmas; and santa are in the heart of the one who belives.Iam 67 and I still belive in Christmas. And the birth of our, my savior. Enjoy it all for what it is their for.

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