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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Death Folder... it sounds so morbid. But after this year, it is the one thing that I think every household in America needs.

Today I was reading one of my favorite blogs, How Does She, where they featured a cleaning business owner who was sharing her tips for keeping an organized household.

Naturally, I read the posts because with the addition of two mid-aged children into our TINY house, things are less than organized right now.

I love the new year and all the recommendations it brings for making your life simplier. It's really helping me to get some ideas flowing for how I want to manage all these people. I feel like my job title should be People Manager instead of Momma.

I digress... in the post from today, Julie shared about her Household Planner. It's a binder where she stores information about the management of her household!! When I saw her binder, I immediately thought "That's what I'm talking about!!" When talking about the Death Folder, this is exactly what I envisioned it would have in it. A death folder needs to include all the vital information for managing your household. It gives someone insight in how you do things, what your kids like to eat, your expectations of the children (i.e. chores, food choices), what your future goals are, and more.

Here is a glimpse of what she recommended...

Now, go over to How Does She and read the rest of the post.

Even if you are single or have no kids, this is helpful information to leave someone (siblings, parents, friends) so they can manage your affairs if something should happen to you. I am not even talking about death. What if you were in an accident and confined to the hospital. It would be so easy for someone to grab your notebook and bring it to you. If you become ill and can't care for yourself, this is a great tool to give to your caregivers. It would have been so helpful in our caring for Debbie and even more so now that we are taking over the care of the girls.

Tonight, I am heading out to Office Max and using up my MaxPerks points to buy my binder supplies.

What do you think I should include that's not listed? What did you wish you knew when caring for someone?


H-Mama said...

Your comment on How Does She touched my heart, so I had to hop over. I can only pray that God will give all you peace, rest, and comfort. ((((hugehugs))) to you. You have such a beautiful family.

Anonymous said...

I like your idea of 2 animals out for everyone that stays. Christy (daughter) with the help of
her kids selected an old toy to give away for
every new toy that arrived for Christmas. Having and even flow from input to output keeps the clutter down. Having less makes cleaning easier. Having less to look at around the house
helps keep the cob webs out of my head so to speak.
Northwestern Mutual puts out a form
"A guide for the Future" with worksheets to list
all the info that is important to us.
Along with that info, I think a list of people
that I would want notified of either my death or
serious illness, would be important. Sometimes
we put off those important things to do like wills thinking we have soooo much time before we
need one. No one knows when those documents will be needed. The more organized I am now, the less hassle my family will need to go through. You and Kevin inspire me!! Love, Sue

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